Thursday, January 13, 2011

What'chu talkin' about?

The most interesting facet of the GAS experience is the length some folks will go to avoid telling another [especially their spouse] what's going on or that they are getting another guitar. The lies, the deceit, the evasion tactics!! I devoted a whole chapter to it in the book & it could have been a book by itself as it turns out. And it's not just a man thing, either. I have heard from several female guitarists who simply do NOT tell their husbands the truth about what their guitar cost or even that they have acquired one. A woman who plays for church, weddings, special events, & teaches guitar recently told me that she has ordered a Limited Edition Gibson acoustic but will not tell her husband of 25 years because he would leave her if he knew what it cost. It will be her 20th guitar which she must now "hide" amongst the others.

I must admit that I frequently rearrange my music room just to make it less obvious how the mix has changed.

Tell it now - the most weird or outrageous thing that you or someone you know has done to hide or disguise the truth. It's gotta be true.


  1. Hey, this is not just a man thing. I'm a female guitarist who simply can NOT tell my husband of almost 25 years the truth about what what a guitar cost or even that I have bought another one. I play for churches, weddings, special events, & teach guitar. I have ordered a Limited Edition Gibson, but he would leave me if he knew what it cost. It will be my 20th guitar, which I must now "hide" amongst the others.

  2. I just keep 'em moving around - to the point that I "sell" or loan one axe to one of 2 special friends just before another axe is delivered. So, the same amount (about 5) are constantly on display in "my" area near my computer. It's kinda like juggling, but eventually I'll "sell" or loan another of the Fab V & bring back an oldie or something completely new. I actually own 7 guitars, but it is a real juggling act to keep just 5 in my home. Thanks to a couple of tight-mouthed friends, I'm able to let my GAS have its way & hang onto my top 7 instead of my top 5.

  3. OK, 'baring of the soul' time.

    1. When I bought my G&L 25th Anniversary, I had gotten a spalted top G&L ASAT Bluesboy just the month before. And although I had told her I would be on a 'guitar per month' diet for 2009, I just couldn't tell my wife, fooling myself that the next day would be a better time to do it. As it happened, we were working in the garden at the back of the house when the UPS truck arrived. Without her noticing, I 'smuggled' the box inside the house through the front door and downstairs into the music room.

    2. I bought a G&L F-100 Return Edition and a G&L Phyllis Model 'Blondie' at about the same time. One I told her about and had delivered at home; one I didn't tell her about and had delivered at work only to bring home when I knew she was at work.

    But both of these occasions left me with a bad taste in my mouth. We have talked about it and now we have a certain 'understanding'. The 'Aha Erlebnis' for her was this: we had just put new floor covering downstairs. She has a massage practice in our MIL and she always wanted an hardwood floor there. So it now has bamboo. The other half downstairs, aka 'my half' for which we got new carpet, is the library/den and the music room. She joint me in my room about 2 months ago when Craig had asked me to measure the DC resistance of my ASAT''s to add to the collective knowledge base. She told me afterwards that even from behind she could see I was beaming every time a guitar came out of its case and I showed them off to her. She had never realized how much guitars meant to me and that there were worse habits to spent the money on. But as long as the bills were paid and we still saved up money for retirement ... What does she think I buy these guitars for? (OK, I know that's an excuse too)

  4. I'm posting this here just in case there's an extra gig bag lying around or something... - e

    Trinity, oh Trinity
    What now ought I do with thee?
    Although you're a beloved friend
    My heart knows that you're near the end.

    Here now is what I suggest
    In response to today's LR request
    For advice on what to do with she
    Who calls herself sweet Trinity.

    Why let conundrums cause you strife?
    You live but once - this IS your life!
    I'll offer you a neat, sweat deal
    We'll both do well, our wounds will heal.

    So trade that geetar for my wife
    Even up. For good. For life.
    She looks okay, her favor's strong
    She'll let you "pluck" her all night long!

    Yeah, I know you have a gal already
    And that mine can be a nag (and petty)
    But I'm throwing in some extra coin
    So you might watch them go - or join!